What are your trope boxes?

Our spicy trope boxes include a book centered around the named trope, which you can also find isn’t the product description, in addition to a spicy toy ages 18+ only. Not every bookish item included  will be trope specific. For example, you may get a mafia romance sticker, and other general reader items specific to romance. Please see below for trope specifics.

What is included in each trope?

Each trope can have crossover with others. For example, a Dark Romance may also be a Mafia Romance, a Paranormal Romance can also be a Billionaire Romance. The trope you choose will be the most dominant trope/theme for that box. 

Can I request things for my box or my order?

Yes! You can include any notes in the question boxes in each book box page. You can also send a note through the contact page. Please be sure to include your order number if you do. You may also request level of spice and we will do our best to accommodate requests 

Can I return my toy?

Toys are not eligible for return or refund unless it is found defective in the first 14 days after delivery. If it is defective, please submit a request through the contact page and we will be in touch.